At Burners Boutique, we want to encourage the sharing of costumes and clothes within the community by keeping our overhead low and our consignment fees the lowest around. This is our way of impacting the default world with burner culture.

What Merchandise We Take

We take all costumes, clothes and fashions: funky, fabulous & weird. All items must be smoke free, playa dust free and pet hair free. If it has an odor we will send it back to be cleaned by the consigner. All items need to be as neat, clean, pressed and tear-free as possible. However, we are a community full of designers and artists we will take some slightly damaged items that we will sell for repurposing or redesigning.

Ways to Consign:

By the item Consignment:
50/50 for Cash

Consignment Policy
Prices are established by us (unless otherwise negotiated). It is our goal to earn money for our consignors and offer the community reasonably priced merchandise.
We consign items for 90 days. After 90 days we will begin to discount. At this time a consignor may choose to come get their items if they do not want them discounted.

01-90 days: 0% discount
90-120 days: 50% discount

The consignor may pick up their items anytime after 90 days. We will keep up to 90 days. Any unsold items not picked up after 120 days becomes property of Burners Boutique. We will be donating items to charities and Camp Wardrobe Malfunktion, a not for profit entity.
We will do our best to look after your items however during the handling and trying on process things can get damaged. We will not be held responsible for fire, theft, or damage of any kind.

Payout checks for sold consignment merchandise will be issued no more than once a month. You can stop by anytime during regular business hours and we’ll cut you a check for what we owe at that time.

Your credit can be used as a store credit immediately and at anytime (no waiting for a reimbursement).
After 4 months from contract expiration any remaining balances will convert one-for-one dollar to store credit.
Any remaining unused store credits will be invalid 1 year from contract expiration.
It is the sole responsibility of the consignor to keep up with their contract due date and reimbursement schedule.

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